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Arthur Wright & Son

Arthur Wrights are a traditional Sheffield Pocket/Bowie knife manufacturer with experience dating back to 1947.

All of the pocket knives and whittling knives are individually hand-crafted by apprentice-trained Sheffield Cutlers, using methods passed down through the generations, seeking to maintain and revive the traditional skills and knife patterns associated with the city.

Pocket Knives

Stag Handle With Decorative Workback

The pocket knives are available with a choice of handles and blade types; Buffalo Horn, Ebony, Rosewood & Stag handles, Clippoint, Ettrick, Farmers, Lambfoot, Peach Pruner, Pruner & Spearpoint blades. Some are supplied with a double blade.
See the Pocket Knives page for more details and ordering.

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Arthur Wright's knives are very popular with sheep farmers, bushcraft enthusiasts, horticulturalist and any professionals wanting a carbon steel quality knife. All models of A. Wright folding knives are fitted with very strong back springs, which makes these knives ideal for work use.

All of the pocket knives have carbon steel blades and brass linings. These pocket knives show the true craftsmanship of the Sheffield knife maker.

All of the processes involved in knife making are done in-house. This includes blanking out the blades and springs, hardening and tempering the steel, assembly of the pieces and grinding and glazing the finished pieces. This is a way to ensure that quality is maintained to a high standard throughout every step.

All of the natural stag used is gathered from a sustainable source in the UK.

Other Items Made

They also manufacture Bowie Knives, Skinning Knives, Boating Knives, Green River Knives, Bushcraft Knives, Sgian Dubh, Steak Knives, Kitchen Knives etc. These knives come in a range of size and with various handle types such as Stag, Rosewood, Leather, Buffalo and occasionally more exotic materials such as Ironwood, Snakewood or Jigbone.
They also provide gardening impliments such as secuteurs and baronets and a range of scissors.

10 Inch Bone Stag
10 Inch Blade - Bone Stag Handle

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