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Offensive Weapons Bill - The Government is about to introduce a law making the online sale of knives more difficult. This includes making it illegal for us to send knives to any private address. Bowie knives can still be purchased at the moment but restrictions will come into force in 2019. Please order now whilst we can still supply you.

Handmade by "Little Mester" Reg Cooper / The Arthur Wright Workshop In Sheffield



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Bowie Knife Origins

The AlamoThe Bowie Knife takes its name from Jim Bowie, the soldier who died at the Battle of the Alamo (1836). He famously carried a Bowie Knife with him after customising his fighting knife to his own design. Please click here for more information on Jim Bowie & The History Of The Sheffield Bowie Knife.
Sheffield Bowie Knives have been in mass production since the mid-19th century and are extremely popular in North America and many other parts of the world. Sheffield steel has an international reputation for quality and these Bowie knives are no exception.

These knives are the real deal - high quality Bowie knives made using traditional hands-on methods, not mass produced nor of inferior quality steel.

Bowie Knives Made In Sheffield

The Bowie Knives available on this web site are 100% Made In Sheffield.

Warning Beware of cheap, inferior Bowie knives, or ones that are simply finished off here in Sheffield.

Sheffield steel has a reputation second to none. These knives are made from top quality carbon steel. As you will see from the photos on this page, these Bowie Knives are gleaming in appearance and the handles are made from a choice of materials that enhances the overall look and feel of the knives.

Leather Handled Bowie Knife

Care Of Your Bowie Knife

Note that carbon steel is not stainless steel so be sure to clean and dry your knife after use to avoid tarnishing. Even the chemicals in fingerprints can cause staining so give the blade a quick polish with a dry cloth before storing.
If storing long-term, remove the knife from the sheath as leather can sometimes seep moisture onto the blade and cause tarnishing. It is advisable to check regularly to ensure that humidity in your home is not finding its way onto the blade and rusting it.
Carbon steel is a degree more brittle than stainless steel so do not mis-use your knife e.g. by using it as a lever, or you could break it or cause pieces to be chipped off. Carbon steel can always be re-sharpened but it may become a major task if a chunk is missing because someone tried to cut through a metal bolt with a knife.
Reg Cooper occasionally supplies us with Bowie knives that come with stainless steel blades. Reg has told us that stainless steel is equally as good a material for his knives as carbon steel. He says that if the steel has been produced properly then there is no difference in quality.

Postage Delivery Restictions Warning

UK Postal Authorities (Royal Mail/Parcelforce) are now occasionally refusing to accept the carriage of knives to international destinations. They regard Bowie Knives and similar as "weapons". So far, UK deliveries are not affected but may be eventually.
Therefore, if you are located overseas, and you wish to order from us, this will now have to be at your own risk of delivery arrival. If the knife is returned to us following refusal of the carriers to handle the package then we will refund your knife price less 10%. If the knife is confiscated and not returned, then no refund will be made.
Therefore, we would advise that you ask us before ordering a knife to be sent outside of the UK. If you do order, then we will assume that you accept the risks involved.

14 inch bowie knife

Age Restrictions

For Sale To Over-18's Only. Please pay using a credit (not debit) card to proove your age and do not use the PayPal payment option during check-out. If a credit card is not used or if payment is made via PayPal then proof of age will be required. This can be achieved by sending us a copy of your passport/driving licence or some other credible document via e-mail.

Little Mesters

Reg Cooper
Reg Cooper

Bowie knife making today is still carried out in Sheffield, England, but the manufacture of the Bowie Knives is now performed by a dwindling number of highly specialised craftsmen in the city. Master cutlery craftsmen in Sheffield are called "Little Mesters", a term that has endured for many years. Little Mesters are usually single specialists who run their own businesses, in their workshops, with skills that have been passed down through the years and through the generations, often from father to son. See Cutlery History for more details.

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About The Makers

Reg Cooper

About Reg Cooper

Reg Cooper, the maker of some of these Bowie knives, is already aged in his 80's and has been making Bowie knives in Sheffield for as long as he cares to remember.
Reg is ably supported in the crafting of larger knives by Sheffield's last remaining Little Mester Grinder - Brian Alcock (in his 70's). Brian is a good friend to this web site and we are happy to commend his craftsmanship to our site visitors. He carries out the main initial grinding of the raw steel bars for Reg Cooper on the large sized Bowie knife blades. Please also see the About Reg Cooper page.

About The Arthur Wright Workshop

Arthur Wright & Son

Established since 1947, Arthur Wrights are a traditional knife manufacturer. They produce a range of bowie knives, pocket knives, gardening tools, kitchen knives and scissors. All of the processes involved in the manufacture of the knives are completed in-house to ensure a quality product is the end result. Please also see the About Arthur Wright page.

Sizes and Customisation

Bowie knives are available in sizes from blades of 4 inches to a monster 16 inches. See below for the options.

You will notice a big difference in the prices below as one goes from 6 inch blades to 7 inch blades. This is because the manufacturing process is different for the longer blades and the design/sheaths are more elaborate. See the photo at the top of the page (This is an image of a 10" blade knife).


Michael Portillo With Reg Cooper

Should you require any engraving, please see our Engraving Page and supply us with the wording/artwork that you would like to be added.

Reg Cooper On BBC TV

BBC2's Great British Railway Journeys, originally broadcast on the 20th January 2011 and repeated 21 July 2011 and 21 June 2012 features Reg Cooper. This programme is often repeated again. He is shown here with former workshop associate Trevor Ablett who made pocket knives.

Reg Cooper Meets Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone & Reg Cooper In January 2015 the Hollywood actor and Rambo/Rocky star Sylvester Stallone was in Sheffield for an 'Audience-With' event. Sly is a collector of knives and is knowledgeable on the subject.
One of Reg Cooper's knives was donated to Mr Stallone by this web site and presented to him in person by Reg Cooper. Here's a video clip of the Sylvester Stallone Knife Presentation (avi file, 4 mins).

Here's how the media reported the event - The Sheffield Star - Stallone Knife Surprise, Daily Mail Article 31/01/2015.

This is the actual knife given to Sylvester (a 10" Blade Bowie with Buffalo Handle). -

10' Buffalo
10 Inch Blade - Buffalo Handle

If you would like to order one of these knives, please follow the link.

About The Knives


We can offer knives with a choice of Buffalo Horn, Leather, Rosewood, Snakewood (Arthur Wright only), Stag Horn or White-Bone (Reg Cooper only) handles.
Stag handles are imported and are getting harder to find, especially for the longer knives, but a new material is being offered - "Bone Stag" which you can see pictured below.
The handles are polished to a beautiful appearance that sets off and compliments the knife blade.
These Bowie knives feel extremely comfortable in your hand and are perfect for any hunting or country-type activity where knives are required.

Bone Stag - The usual stag is now very hard for the makers to get hold of and they are offering "Bone Stag" instead for blades above 6" long.
This is a natural bone material which is probably a harder-wearing substance than antler stag and which has been machine-fashioned to look like usual stag.

Bowie Knife Handle Types - Buffalo - Bone Stag - Leather - Rosewood Bowie Knife Handle Types - Snakewood - Stag - White Bone

Coffin Style Handle
Rosewood With Coffin Shaped Handle
Buffalo Handle - Coffin Shape
Buffalo With Coffin Shaped Handle

Optional "Coffin-Style" Handles

You can now opt for a coffin-style handle as illustrated here. This can be made for Reg Cooper's Rosewood, Buffalo and Bone Stag knives.
Please use the Comments Box during the check-out process to inform us of your choice.

Help The Comments Box is found at stage 2 of check-out.


Reg Cooper - 8 " & Over Blade Sizes - 8-12 Weeks.
Arthur Wright - Up to 6" - Usually in stock. Above 6" - 3-5 Weeks.
Estimates may vary - Please ask.

Order Early

Reg Cooper is a Master Craftsman and his products are always in high demand. Please order very early to avoid missing a deadline or a Christmas/Birthday gift. These knives are craftsman-made. Reg Cooper is always busy.
Reg is now in his 80's so knives not in stock may take some time to be completed. Please ask, particularly if you have a deadline to meet.
Knives from the Arthur Wright Workshop are more readily available. Blades under 7" are usually in stock. For 10" blades we are estimating 4-6 weeks for manufacture.

Materials Used

Please note that all materials used to make these knives are genuine, not artificial. Some sites we have seen offer goods with plastic or synthetic handles. Only genuine materials can be found here.


All Bowie Knives are supplied with a leather safety carrying sheath that can be slotted onto a belt. The larger sizes have a more elaborate carrying sheath. As you will see in the illustrations, the Bowie Knife handle can be 'locked' in place by a press-stud just below the end of the handle. The studs may be quickly released in the event that fast use of your knife is required.


A word of warning - These knives come with very sharp blades so do be on your guard when handling one for the first time.
Please take great care to keep your Bowie Knife out of the hands of persons under the age of 18. Remember that knives are extremely dangerous in the wrong hands and should only be entrusted to mature, careful, responsible persons.

Whether buying for yourself, for a loved one, or for a friend, a Sheffield Bowie Knife will be a treasured possession that will last for years. Remember to look after your Bowie Knife by keeping it clean and always storing it in a dry location. Your knife can be re-sharpened. If/when needed, please re-contact us and we will be able to let you know the cost and procedure.

Our Selection Of Knives

Prices Exclude Postage & VAT In The EU

Due to there being an element of hand-manufacture in the making of these knives, the quoted blade lengths should be regarded as approximate and may vary slightly. Measurements include the whole of the blade length.



Blade Size

Handle Type

Type Of Knife


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