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About Reg Cooper

Reg Cooper
Reg Cooper

Reg Cooper is a Bowie Knife maker from Sheffield. Aged in his 80's, he has been making Bowie knives for as long as he cares to remember.

The manufacture of Bowie Knives is now performed by a dwindling number of highly-specialised craftsmen in the city. Master craftsmen in Sheffield are called "Little Mesters", a term that has endured for many years. Little Mesters are usually single specialists who run their own businesses, in their workshops, with skills that have been passed down through the years and through the generations, often from father to son. Reg Cooper's Bowie Knives are 100% Made In Sheffield.

Reg Cooper is a Master Craftsman and his products are always in high demand. Please order very early to avoid missing a deadline or a Christmas/Birthday gift. His knives are craftsman-made. Reg Cooper is always busy. Knives not in stock may take some time to be completed.

Reg is ably supported in the crafting of larger knives by Sheffield's last remaining Little Mester Grinder, Brian Alcock. He carries out the main initial grinding of the raw steel bars for Reg Cooper on the large sized Bowie knife blades.

Large Sized Bowie Knives

Sheffield steel has a reputation second-to-none. Reg's knives are made from top quality carbon steel. These Bowie Knives are gleaming in appearance and the handles are made from a choice of materials that enhances the overall look and feel of the knives.

Leather Handled Bowie Knife

Bowie knives are available in sizes from blades of 7 inches to a monster 16 inches with a range of handle types; Buffalo Horn, Leather, Rosewood, Stag Horn or White-Bone.

The handles are polished to a beautiful appearance that sets off and compliments the knife blade.
These Bowie knives feel extremely comfortable in your hand and are perfect for any hunting or country-type activity where knives are required.

All Bowie Knives are supplied with a leather safety carrying sheath that can be slotted onto a belt. These knives are sharp.

Reg Cooper On BBC TV

BBC2's Great British Railway Journeys With Michael Portillo, originally broadcast in January 2011 and repeated frequently features Reg Cooper discussing his knife-making.

Reg Cooper Meets Sylvester Stallone

In January 2015 Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone was in Sheffield for an 'Audience-With' event. Sly is a collector of knives and is knowledgeable on the subject.
One of Reg Cooper's knives was donated to Mr Stallone by this web site and presented to him in person by Reg Cooper. Here's a video clip of the Sylvester Stallone Knife Presentation (avi file, 4 mins). The knife donated was a 10" Bowie Knife with Buffalo Handle.

Reg Cooper & sylvester Stallone